The Three Key Features of a Document Management System

Document management is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. This is the place you create, save and distribute all of your outbound documents and manage the flow of information for your customers. A well-organized process for managing outbound documents can enhance customer service, boost sales and boost the profitability of your business. However, a poorly-managed document management system could lead to lost documents, disorganization and chaos that can harm your reputation as a brand and cost you money. You could even lose customers.

The three most important characteristics of a document administration system are capture, storage and retrieve. This involves scanning paper into a digital format and adding indexing through hand entry or enterprise resource management (ERP) Integration and zonal optical characters recognition (OCR), or barcoding, before sharing the document for use. An EDMS can also allow collaboration within an organization by incorporating features such as tags, categorization, search capability.

Access controls and version control are a way to protect your documents against malicious intent and mistakes. This ensures that versions with a newer version are always available, and older ones are archived in a easily accessible manner.

Outbound document management systems are an excellent way to ensure compliance with internal or external regulations. Features like retention schedules, document classification and tagging, and automated workflows will help your team comply with ISO 9001 Document Management Standards, FDA and GMP regulations or other regulations.

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